Official Airline

Choosing to fly with Avianca to ICH Conference 2017, will allow you to enjoy our premium services on land and on board. Access discounts* from 5% to 20% in all our fares and from all our points of departure to Medellin. These discounts are only available on applicable fares on flights operated directly by AVIANCA.
Book and purchase your ticket, contact us by calling our local call center, visit our points of sale, contact your travel agency or in  To be eligible for our discounts, please provide at the time of booking the assigned code for this event (GN293) and present or email your registration as per the sales agent instructions.

★Discounts are not applicable on promotional or private fares.


Participants can access the discounts through any purchase channel authorized by the airline:

To purchase through travel agencies, direct retail outlets or call centers, the participant must:

  • Place a booking request for the selected travel dates. 

NOTE: Discounts apply for traveling within five (5) days before and five (5) days after the event and do not apply for taxes, airport charges, administrative fees, fuel extra charges and other applicable fees. These mentioned fees must be paid entirely and directly by the traveler at the time of issuance of the flight tickets.

  • Inform you that you will participate in an event or conference where Avianca is the official airline. Supply the GN code and request the corresponding discount presenting the following documents:

★ID photocopy. 
★Proof of participation in the event. One of the following: 
★Letter of invitation 
★Registration form 
★Name badge photocopy
★Registration payment photocopy 
★A letter from the event’s Organization

  • Verify that the proper discount was granted. 

Booking through 
1. The Organization must provide to the participants or share on their website the GN code assigned for the event. 
2. You must select the desired itinerary in the "Flights" section at Take into account that the discount is enabled from 5 days before the event until 5 days later with the host city of the event as the only destination. After selecting the dates you must enter the GN293 code in the "Promo Code" box. The system will apply the corresponding discount.

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