Why to participate in FISE 2017

Why to participate in FISE 2017?

FISE (Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico), is recognize as a high level commercial and academic event for exhibitors, visitors, and other industry audiences; as it brings together the electrical industry’s policies, trends, vision, and challenges. It also combines technological developments with interactive spaces and a prospective view. Since the beginning and now on its seventh edition, FISE has promoted appropriate conditions for energy industry members to seek new corporate and business opportunities, increasing participation in national and international markets.

Why to participate in fise 2017

Discover what FISE 2017 can do for you as exhibitor:

  • Provide a perfect business scenario to promote your company and get to know more about the electrical industry and the goods and services sectors related.
  • Training opportunities for professionals in the electrical industry.
  • A Platform for understanding Colombia’s electrical industry in a global context.
  • An event meant to facilitate dialog between public and private sector.
  • A place for building national and international relationships with companies from the same industry and the End-user.
  • A place for knowledge exchange.
  • A space for academic updating.
  • An event with outstanding speakers and panelist, organized logistics, and a complete commercial exhibition meant for a specialized audience.