Commercial exhibition

Around 350 leading companies in the industry and around 30,000 visitors will gather in this specialized space. There will be supplier companies for related goods and services such as: raw materials suppliers, products, materials, equipment, investors, engineering companies, consulting firms, universities and research and development centers.

Find in FISE

  • All the national and international industry information in the same place during the 3 days of the event.
  • Opportunities to start, continue and close up business deals.
  • Spaces for networking, such as the national and international business meetings and meetings with exhibitors.
  • Opportunities to book meetings with your current and potential clients and suppliers.

Participe como expositor

Su empresa es bienvenida como expositor en FISE 2019, para conocer el plano de exhibición y los espacios disponibles puede contactarse con:

  • Yuliana Arango: teléfonos (57) 3113826453 / (574) 4449927 ext. 406 o al correo electrónico yuliana.arango@fise.co
  • Carlile Arismendy: teléfonos (57) 316 693 69 69 / (574) 4449927 ext. 405 o al correo electrónico carlile.arismendy@fise.co